Thursday, March 31, 2016

Everything about drug test kits

What is the best home drug test kit? To fairly answer this question, we must know what kind of test you will be taking. The five major ones are: urine, hair, blood, saliva, and sweat. We’ll consider this post to be an intro on the accuracies of home tests; therefore, it makes sense to discuss the most prevalent type of test used today: the urine analysis.

At home urine tests vary in quality. Generally speaking, a higher price tag means more accurate results. The test kits can be found at your local drug store (CVS, RiteAid, etc); but, the best selection and quality can be found online. offers a wide-array (not shocking as they sell just about everything). There are also a lot of online stores that focus their efforts in the drug testing niche.WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL DRUG MASKING FORMULA

Home drug test kits start around $3, and make their way up to the $30-40 range. Again, the quality and accuracy of the results are a strong factor for price. In addition to the accuracy, the amount of drugs that can be tested also impacts the costliness. If you’ve been researching the industry, you have probably heard the term 10-panel drug test (or something close to that). The number represents the number of drugs that are being tested for. Most employment related tests are a 5-panel.

If you were only worried about one drug–let’s call it THC–then you could get away with finding a 1-panel test. I mentioned most home kits start around $3, but you may be able to get it even cheaper if you are only concerned about weed. I am finding prices under $2; although, you will have to pay for the shipping if you buy online.

Consider this an introduction on the subject. We will be back soon to review as many products as we can. Best of luck passing any and all of your upcoming tests.

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